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Mandurah Mobility supplies a range of mobility equipment designed to help people with mobility challenges to have more independence and freedom in everyday living.

Most of our customers are elderly. However, we also have a number of younger customers with various disabilities, for whom we provide size and age appropriate equipment.  



Our customers come from all over Western Australia.  Many live in their own homes (and use our equipment to make their lives more comfortable while extending their stay in their homes) or in row care or high care).

We also supply equipment to a number of institutions providing care and support to the elderly and people with disabilities.



Our hire business caters primarily to:

  • people leaving hospital and requiring short term use of equipment to aid in recovery,
  • people on holiday who would need mobility equipment during their stay (whether it be equipment to help them get about or to assist in the home), and
  • those wanting an extended trial of a product before making a purchase decision.



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